Thema Echtscheiding/divorce

The princess who dreamed of strawberries


In ‘The princess who dreamed of strawberries’ the story is about a prince and a princess who are getting a divorce. It explains, without prejudgement and taking sides, the steps that a family goes through prior to the divorce, and what happens afterward. All of this is done in a colorful and conversational manner. The book helps parents with the explanation of what a divorce really is along with assisting the kids with understanding the concept. 

This book is appropriate for kids from the age of 4-10, parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, divorce therapists, and lawyers, etc.

Daniel: ‘This book has helped my kids and my ex-wife with understanding a divorce and made it easier to talk about the subject. Because of the amount of subjects that come about in the book, the kids are able to ask a lot of valuable questions. Due to the beautiful illustrations our youngest son of 4 understood the story and followed along without any difficulties. 



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